Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I taught my first class this past Saturday - the easter page featured on my blog last week.  Then, Monday I met with my good friend, Erika, to teach her the mosaic technique.  She didn't bring her Easter pics but she had these fabulous underwater photos from an excursion she took on vacation.  We worked from the same page design as the Easter layout, but Erika used her own photos, ticket stubs, etc. to customize the layout.  As you can see she did a GREAT JOB!  I think she was jockeying for the position of "star student" this week?  ;)   Erika, move to the head of the class!

Keep in mind that this was her first time ever attempting this technique and look how awesome it turned out.  You can do this, too.  Shoot me an email and set up an appointment when I can show you and your friends how to make your photos POP on the Mosaic Moments grid paper.  I know you'll love it!