Friday, September 28, 2012

Fridays Are for Friends - And MORE Legos!

A couple weeks ago, I shared with you a comparison of layouts my friend Erika and I had done using lego licensed paper.  This layout focuses on Erika's trip to the Lego Store at Downtown Disney.  I love how she used the close-up shots of legos in the 1" tiles and how she overlayed her lettering on top of the legos. 

What other toys give you mosaic inspiration?  Please share your layouts with me via email and I will share your inspiration with my followers!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fridays Are for Friends - Lee Ann has been busy!

Lee Ann sent me these awesome submissions that feature her adventures at the Ohio State Fair.  The pictures tell most of the story but here's what Lee Ann had to say:   
"These are my Ohio State Fair pages. My daughter has gotten my fiance to get his fingernail decorated with her the last two years. I just had to take a picture this time. The farm pictures were in the Fine Arts Building. I loved them. They were fiber art pictures. I had to show me eating my funnel cake and my fiance's favorite french fry vendor. We ran into my brother and sister-in-law, not knowing they were going to be there. We love going to the fair every year. It's our end of summer activity before heading back to school."

Those 1" tiles are AWESOME and I love the fact that her fiancee is willing to have his nail done!  Sounds like an absolute blast!!! 

Thanks for sharing, Lee Ann!  Your work is just inspiring.  :) 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cropping Time for Me!!!

Hey Ladies!  I'm off for the rest of this week.  I leave in the morning to go check out the digs at Crop a Doodle Do!  As you know, they are our sponsor for the grand prize giveaway at our October 13, 2012 crop and I can't wait to see for myself all that they have to offer! 

If you want to check them out for yourself, here's the website:
Before you book, remember they'll have some awesome deals available exclusively to our croppers who book on the date of the October 13, 2012 crop!

Something to think about . . . 

I have one album laid out to complete and another one to get started while I'm enjoying my five days of scrap happiness!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sign Up for Classes at the October 13, 2012 Crop!

Ladies - The wait is over!!!!!   All of the instructors have posted their classes for the October 13, 2012 crop, now:

Please go to the blog and check out the class offerings from me, Creative Memories, Close to My Heart and Stampin Up!  You're gonna love 'em!! 

Please please please pre-register by sending your checks to Shelly Allen at the address on the blog so that the instructors can ensure that they have enough materials on hand! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

University of Cincinnati / UC Bearcats Mosaic Class This Weekend!!

Hey Ladies! 

Don't forget that I am offering this amazing UC mosaic layout this weekend at Stamping Buddies in Cincinnati and there are still some openings.  Call the store to reserve your spot!

As you may or may not know, Stamping Buddies is THE store where I would recommend you take your first mosaic class.  Stamping Buddies offers the best deal on your basic supply kit - for $30 you get your Mosaic Moments cutting mat (a $25 value), plus the Herma Dotto Repositional Adhesive, Ruler and an Xacto knife!

The class itself (my fee) is $20!

I will also have available for sale some coordinated UC die cuts - including they eyes that are featured in this layout and the UC "C" bearcat paw logo.  You're going to love them!

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Little Labor Day Patriotism???

As some of you may recall, this Fourth of July Layout is one of the first layouts I ever made on my own after I learned the mosaic technique.  I later offered it as a class to students at my crop at and at Red Letter Journals in Grove City, Ohio.

In the class, we worked on the "framing" technique that you see in the center on the left page.  To do this, you have to cut a 1/8" segment out of your photograph to frame the center piece with the outside.  I taught the technique in class using my own photographs, but encouraged the students to use their photographs.  I have a not-so-secret love of seeing my students put their own photographs on the layouts in class.  This makes me feel that these class layouts will end up in albums, not in some drawer somewhere - because the student walks away with a completed layout at the end of class . . . not just a "shell" of a layout.

Lee Ann, whose work has been featured here on my blog heavily lately - because she's prolific and talented, added her own pictures in class, except for the center piece.  Then, she took it home and used remedied the situation by adding that awesome and enthusiastic picture in the middle of the fireworks "frame."  Way to go!!!  Doesn't this layout just make you proud to be an American?