Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesdays Are All About Techniques - Punches You Say??? (Scooter Mosaic)

So, I had this paper that I thought was cute with Max's scooter pictures, but I was struggling to make it work.  For starters, the color was all wrong - way more green and his scooter is blue.  Then, when I focused on the squares, I thought "mosaic" (maybe because I always think mosaic first) but the squares were too big for a 1" square and too small for 2 1/8".  

Everyone who sees mosaics thinks "wouldn't this be easier with a 1" punch?"  No!!!  In general, we don't recommend a punch for mosaics.  But, there are times when a punch has an application.  In this case, I used a 1" punch (purchase yours through the Snap N Crop link to the right) to punch out the small tiles so that I could try to align them as symetrically as possible - since there were going to be so many!   I never use a punch for photographs - because I can always use the counting and measuring technique to perfectly align what I want out of each individual photograph.  However, in this case, since I was doing so many of them, out of a piece of paper, I opted to go with the punch for consistency. 

Likewise, I was able to use the jumbo square punch (see SnapNCrop link to the right!) for my 2 1/8" mounting squares.  I mounted the full scooter squares on 2 1/8" square punched mats and I tried to "blend" the colors. by putting the whole mosaic on navy blue paper and using mounting squares with a mix of blue and green on them.

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