Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A little more Christmas???

This year, we had planned on taking Spring pictures.  We bought the clothes for the kids but then time got away from us.  So, we thought with a few minor tweaks, we could make the purple clothes we bought for Spring pics work for Christmas pics.  We decided to take the pictures in front of Tracy's Christmas tree, which is always decorated with purple bulbs.

The whole plan unravelled when I took my sweet 9 year niece, Samantha, shopping for the boys' clothes.  I had planned on getting them long sleeve shirts (instead of the polo shirts we had in Spring) and dark pants/socks instead of khakis.  Well, the problem was that Samantha fell in love with this PURPLE LEOPARD PRINT DRESS.  Yes, Purple Leopard, for Christmas, you say???  Oh yeah, we went there!

However, in order to do so, we had to acquire entirely new outfits for all four boys.  Owen was less than thrilled to be wearing purple and he asked if next year we could just go with red and green!  But look how cute they turned out!!!

And, of course, it worked out so nicely with the brand new Eggplant grid paper!

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