Monday, September 3, 2012

A Little Labor Day Patriotism???

As some of you may recall, this Fourth of July Layout is one of the first layouts I ever made on my own after I learned the mosaic technique.  I later offered it as a class to students at my crop at and at Red Letter Journals in Grove City, Ohio.

In the class, we worked on the "framing" technique that you see in the center on the left page.  To do this, you have to cut a 1/8" segment out of your photograph to frame the center piece with the outside.  I taught the technique in class using my own photographs, but encouraged the students to use their photographs.  I have a not-so-secret love of seeing my students put their own photographs on the layouts in class.  This makes me feel that these class layouts will end up in albums, not in some drawer somewhere - because the student walks away with a completed layout at the end of class . . . not just a "shell" of a layout.

Lee Ann, whose work has been featured here on my blog heavily lately - because she's prolific and talented, added her own pictures in class, except for the center piece.  Then, she took it home and used remedied the situation by adding that awesome and enthusiastic picture in the middle of the fireworks "frame."  Way to go!!!  Doesn't this layout just make you proud to be an American?

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