Friday, July 10, 2015

Fridays with Friends - Summer Fun!

This is a continuation of my post from a couple weeks ago where I mentioned that I have a collection of photographs of mosaics made by my students.  The students approached me at various crops and granted me permission to post their layouts.  Unfortunately, I have since misplaced the paper where I noted to whom these layouts belong!  If they are yours, PLEASE contact me so that I can give you credit for your amazing layouts!

The first one is a spectacular example of using the strips on the left side page and using 1" square mosaic pieces along the bottom of the right side page.  I love all of the vibrant colors and they way you can just feel the action going on across the page.

The second one uses strips, in both horizontal and vertical arrangements and also incorporates some pops of color with pieces like the tiles sold by Mosaic Moments.  (If you've never used them, tiles are a product that is a package of colored cardstock pieces that have been laser-cut to exactly fit on the Mosaic Moments grid.  You can purchase them on the SnapNCrop link to the right on this blog.)   One of my favorite things about this layout, and mosaics in general, is the sheer volume of photos that the artist was able to get on the page.  

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