Friday, March 6, 2015

Fridays with Friends

I walked into a crop last weekend in Northern Kentucky to set up to demonstrate the Mosaic Moments technique.  As I did so, I had not one but TWO former students approach me to say "you have to see this mosaic I made" - I cannot tell you how this makes my heart soar!  I love the inspiration that comes from seeing other people's creations.  It fills me with joy to see that they are using their products to create their very own masterpieces.  I am so blessed that these ladies share their creations with me and allow me to share them with you!

The Glacier Bay mosaic was created by Betsy Lewis Gully and the Owners Club mosaic was created by Janet Beck.  Both of these ladies are fairly "new" at creating their own mosaics from scratch (instead of working from page kits or class kits), but look what a fabulous job they each did!  

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