Wednesday, March 4, 2015

International Scrapbooking Industry Day

So, as you know, I've been working my way through some fun dates on the Days of the Year Website.  Some have been quirky.  Some fun.  Some just utterly bizarre.  But how on earth could I pass up the chance to celebrate "International Scrapbooking Industry Day."  I mean, I've been scrapbooking for more than 20 years and I never knew such a thing existed!

The website says: "Celebrated all over the world, International Scrapbooking Industry Day is the day when lovers of memories, paper, photos and glue come together to celebrate this immensely popular hobby.

Scrapbooking is all about preserving memories whether they’re in paper, photo or letter format, or even items such as pressed flowers from your first date, ribbons from chocolates on Valentine’s Day or even an airline ticket from your first holiday with the girls, guys or without your parents, or even with the kids. All that’s needed is some glue, a decorated book or album, and some time to sit down and start sticking! Some towns and cities even have their own Scrapbooking Clubs where like-minded people meet to chat, scrap, and hold fairs where you can choose your next scrapbook design, see the latest trends in scrapbooking, and try new products."

In honor of this momentous occasion, I am sharing a mosaic that I created to celebrate my scrapbooking/craft room - affectionately known as the "scrap cave."  It is a total disaster area these days, but the pics I used were taken back in the good old days when it was clean and mostly neat!

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