Thursday, October 27, 2011

Camo Kid! Kayden on his 4-Wheeler!

My handsome nephew, Kayden, got a 4-wheeler for Christmas last year.  He had really been wanting one for a while.  When he discovered this one in the garage on Christmas he said "Aww, man, somebody got the four-wheeler I wanted!"  He was so excited when he found it WAS for him. 

I didn't have a lot of pictures from the first date he got it (it was cold out!) and only a few pictures  here-and-there from other days when he started riding it.  So, unlike most of my pages, which consist of pics from a single day/event, these pics all just represent this child's love for dirt (and his 4-wheeler, of course!)

The neutral colors on this DIRT layout look kind of muted in this pic.  In real life, I have inked the edges of all the paper squares and the die-cut elements and I don't think it looks so "washed out."

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