Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Words of Wisdom

I've been feeling so creative lately.  I picked up a bunch of mosaic paper at CKC Cincinnati a couple of weeks ago and my creative juices have just been flowing like crazy, ever since.  My girlfriend, Alicia, looked up a little astrology for me today and it seems to fall in line with what I've been feeling.  I have been compelled to stay up at night because I have all these great ideas flowing in my head.  I've been seeing mosaic elements in my photos and in layouts on other websites, etc.  I just keep finding inspiration and I can't seem to get it all on paper fast enough!

"You should make photographs with your heart, mind, eye and soul.  The capture device is simply there to allow you to transfer your vision to a medium that you can share with others."  Bill Frakes

Deep, huh???

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