Tuesday, August 12, 2014

DID YOU KNOW . . . Free Downloads with purchase?

Did you know that Tami Potter offers FREE Mosaic Moments downloads through the SnapNCrop shopping site?  Minerva Mosaics (Debbi's) SnapNCrop Shopping Site

These are documents that you can download for free onto your computer when you place a paid order.  You can then print out the images on 8 1/2x11 paper and they will be properly scaled to fit the mosaic grid.  There is no no charge for downloading any of these files (or as many as you want!) when you are placing a paid SnapNCrop order.  You can print them out on paper or cardstock to match your layout, photo mats, etc.  

Here are a few examples of some that I thought would be fun for back-to-school.  Please note that they are low resolution because I just copied the image from my screen - yours will print out nice and clean when you download them as pdfs but the blog won't allow me to post pdfs!

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