Thursday, August 14, 2014

Product Highlight - TILES and CORNERSTONES

Tami Potter just released a new line of JUMBO corner tiles and I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk about some of the amazing products that you may not yet be familiar with.


First, a word about TILES.  Tiles are pieces that come pre-cut and measured to fit the grid.  You can buy packs of tiles in many colors and use them to fill in spaces on your grid or to serve as photo mounts/backgrounds.  All you have to do is punch them out and adhere them to your grid paper.  The measuring and cutting has already been done for you.


Tami Potter's blog has this to say about paper tiles:

Each color of Paper Tiles™ contains four sheets,  laser cut into large mats, medium mats, title/journaling strips, and small pieces. 55 pieces total included in each pack.  Paper Tiles make creating great scrapbook layouts quick and easy.
Every piece is laser cut to the exact specifications necessary to fit Mosaic Moments™ scrapbook layout system grid papers. Paper Tiles™ are a great time saver.


Here are a couple sample pages made using square tiles:


Corner tiles are pre-cut pieces made to fit in the corner of each of your 1" squares to give your layout more depth and dimension using angles.


Now, on to the new Jumbo Tiles:

As to these new JUMBO TILES . . . Make BIGGER designs with these great embellishments. Create a large chevron pattern (shown above) on a double page spread or other designs of your choosing. Right now we have bright summer and lovely autumn colors to choose from, along with the neutrals (black, white, ivory, pewter, and grey). The Gettysburg page above features Cocoa and Spice Corner Tiles.   Get the new Jumbo Corner Tiles On sale now for $1.25 (reg. $1.95).  Each pack comes with 24 Jumbo Corner Tiles.



Tiles also come in a variety of shapes.  These shapes are also pre-cut to fit the exact measurement of squares on your grid paper.  They add some variety from the typical "square" mosaic grids.  Like other tiles, they are available in an assortment of colors.  Here are some examples of those:


Here is Design Team Member, Andrea Fisher's page sample using the heart tiles: 


Banner Tiles are another fun new product available for the Mosaic Moments grid system:



Most of you have seen the 2 1/8" x 2 1/8" cornerstones that I sometimes carry for sale at vendor events.  This is a line of products pre-cut to fill in a 2x2 square on your mosaic grid paper.  These are custom die cuts that are usually made with a fun decorative theme.  Here are some examples:


Cornerstones also come in a couple of other configurations.  One allows you to choose leave the piece intact and cover a 2x2 square OR break the individual pieces into 1" squares.   


The other is a 1"x 3 2/8" size for covering 3 squares in a row (horizontal or vertical).

Lastly, there are some great customizable monogram options.  Custom Letter/Number Cornerstones offer you the ability to get the exact letters or number you want for your pages.  All pieces are sized to fit the Mosaic Moments grid papers perfectly.  Use on any of your pages (not just for Mosaic Moments pages).

Use these letters for your initials, names, school name or mascot, places, and many other titles on your pages.  They look fantastic. 

Each pack includes the Letter/Numbers you choose in the sizes and quantities shown per the particular option you choose in the color of your choice.  In addition, each pack includes three 5"x7" card stock pieces - 2 pieces in the chosen background color and 1 piece that matches the color of your chosen foreground.

You Choose EACH letter/number in the package.
You Choose the foreground color for the package.
You Choose the background color for the package.

With all of these products, there are an assortment of color options to choose from.  Mosaic Moments product colors vary frequently, because they order their products by die lot.  If you see a product you like, grab it up before it's gone.  Shop for color options and pricing here:  Minerva Mosaic's (Debbi's) Snap-N-Crop Shopping Site or message me if you have any questions.

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